The Covenanter's Daughter


Short Fiction

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The Story

In this true story, Sir Patrick Hume is a hunted man during a period of religious oppression in Scotland. While he hides in the family crypt among skeletons and decay, it is up to his brave young daughter Grizel to steal out at night from Redbraes Castle to bring him food.

Biographical and other notes

Some years later when William and Mary of Orange came to the English throne, Sir Patrick's lands were restored to him, and he was named Earl of Marchmont. (And thus his daughter Grizel became Lady Grizel.) Lady Grizel Hume married George Baillie of Jerviswood, the son of the Jerviswood in this story who was hanged. To this day she is spoken of interchangeably as Grizel Hume and Grizel Baillie.

See also the link below to a beloved Scottish song written by Grizel Baillie.

British publishing information

Periodical:   Youth's Companion (Boston)   6 Mar - 24 Apr 1884

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