The Strange Story of Mr Robert Dalyell


Short Fiction

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In The Ways of Life      or second source:   1 volume   

The Story

Mr Robert Dalyell is laird of Yalton, but also a businessman who dabbles in many investments. As we learn later, he has been speculating on a large scale, and now the crash has come. It appears that he is worth more to his family dead than alive, having taken out an unusual number of large life insurance policies. When it is believed that he has accidentally drowned, the insurance pays up and is found to be enough to cover his debts and still support the family.

However two people, without consulting each other, fear it was a suicide - which would mean he had swindled the insurance companies. His son Fred and his best friend Bob Wedderburn are each left very uncomfortable, but without any positive knowledge. And so life goes on - developing in ways unforeseen by Mr Dalyell - until one day the past must be revisited.

Biographical and other notes

Margaret Oliphant mentions at the end of her Preface that this is a fiction work based on a true family history, whose exact facts were not known to her.

This novella's original title when published in Cornhill Magazine was The Strange Story of Mr Robert Dalyell. In The Ways of Life the title was changed to The Wonderful History of Mr Robert Dalyell.

British publishing information

Periodical:   Cornhill Magazine   Jan - Mar 1892

First edition:   Smith, Elder and Co (collected with another story in The Ways of Life) 1897

Series and Themes

Male central character
Tales of Scotland
Theft, forgery, embezzlement

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