A House in Bloomsbury



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The Story

Dora and her father Mr Mannering live in a lodging-house in Bloomsbury, mostly occupied by gentlefolk of small means, each having a floor to themselves. Mr Mannering works for the British Museum, a great authority in his area, but with no prospects for advancement. Another lodger is Miss Bethune, a Scottish lady, who is very fond of Dora; and another is a clever medical man, Dr Roland.

But two of these people have each separately a great secret:  Mr Mannering and Miss Bethune. Later while Mr Mannering is ill, a lady arrives in London who identifies herself as an aunt of Dora's, and has with her her foster son Harry Gordon. And she has her secret too. Her arrival acts as a catalyst, eventually bringing out all the secrets.

British publishing information

Periodical:   Young Woman Magazine   Oct 1893 - Sep 1894

First edition:   Hutchinson and Co 1894

Series and Themes

Secrets on a lonely moor - 2 related story lines
Children and teenagers
Custody disputes

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