The Curate in Charge



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The Story

When the aged Curate in Charge of Brentburn parish church loses his position of 20 years, he is too overwhelmed to act for himself - it will be up to his two daughters to determine how to support the family of five (which includes two little boys from a second marriage). The eldest sister Cecily is the practical one, who must determine how to plan and work for the family's future, even if it means being reduced to a lower social status.

Cecily feels angry at a system which will do nothing for her aged father. Thus when the young new Rector appears, her anger extends to him too - at least at first. The Rector, Roger Mildmay, is drawn to Cecily - though he assures himself he is not in love. He is absorbed with his own problem - how to experience real life. As the time to leave Brentburn draws near, the situation of the dear but ineffectual Curate will reach a crisis.

British publishing information

Periodical:   Macmillan's Magazine   Aug 1875 - Jan 1876

First edition:   Macmillan and Co 1876

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