- and other related story lines -

Margaret Oliphant wrote eleven series of two or more fiction works, in which the characters and/or settings are continued from one work to the next.

In addition to these series, Mrs Oliphant would sometimes take a story she had already written and would write something resembling a sequel or rewrite - a conscious reworking of the original story, but having different names, places, or circumstances. These are listed as "related story lines".

Chronicles of Carlingford
Neighbours on the Green
The Clare Crofton series
The Edgar Arden series
The Janet Summerhayes series
The John R series
The Ladies Lindores series
The Little Pilgrim series
The Lucy Trevor series
The Margaret Maitland series
Two Highlands travel stories
A malevolent ancestor - 2 related story lines
A country gentleman - 2 related story lines
A mysterious past - 2 related story lines
An imperfect governess - 2 related story lines
Deadly medicine - 3 related story lines
Fleeing from murder - 3 related story lines
Mrs Thompson's will - 2 related story lines
Secrets on a lonely moor - 2 related story lines
Sins of the fathers - 2 related story lines

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