Lady Denzil


Short Fiction

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In Neighbours on the Green - volume 1      or second source:   1 volume   

The Story

Now in their later years Sir Thomas Denzil and his wife are the "chief people" in the intimate world of Dinglefield Green; Lady Denzil is gracious and beautiful at sixty, and Sir Thomas is devoted to her. If there is a mystery about her background, and who are her connections, no one remarks it.

When a small child Mary comes to stay, the likeness between her and Lady Denzil is noticeable, yet she is said to be no relation. Two or three months later in the midst of a garden party, dreadful accusations are made against Lady Denzil. Something even worse follows the next day, and Lady Denzil turns to her discreet friend Mrs Mulgrave to go on a most delicate mission.

This story is part of the delightful series Neighbours on the Green, which takes place in the fictional village of Dinglefield Green. (See the link below for more information.)

British publishing information

Periodical:   Cornhill Magazine   Apr 1868

First edition:   MacMillan and Co (collected in Neighbours on the Green) 1889

Series and Themes

Neighbours on the Green
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