Lady Jane   [The Duke's Daughter]



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The Story

Lady Jane Altamont has been treated like a royal princess by her father, the Duke of Billingsgate, and it is long before she realises that no one is considered good enough for her hand. She has fallen in love with a rich young man of very good family - but the Duke is a proud man, and the idea that his daughter might marry a commoner is out of the question! A great struggle will ensue, and Lady Jane will find herself in a most equivocal position before all is resolved.

Biographical and other notes

This novella is inscribed to writer and historian AW Kinglake, who was a great admirer of Margaret Oliphant's novels.

British publishing information

Periodical:   Good Words (title: Lady Jane)   Jan - June 1882

First edition:   Blackwood and Sons (in The Duke's Daughter; and The Fugitives) 1890

Series and Themes

Class issues in love, marriage, family

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