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Short Fiction

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In collection (The Two Marys)    or second source:  in Good Cheer   

The Story

Canadians Grace and Milly Yorke have traveled from Quebec to London with their English father. Within their first 24 hours in London, Mr Yorke goes by himself to a Hampstead address, on some mysterious errand. Following this, an untimely event motivates the girls to look into the Hampstead address themselves, and thereby encounter three people with a secret, one of whom is an attractive young man.

Biographical and other notes

In Good Cheer, the Christmas edition of Good Words magazine, this 1880 novella is 65 pages long. See the link above right.

The same version of this story is in the 1896 book edition above left, though it is over 200 pages long because of the larger typeface. The book edition is a collection of two novellas and is named after the first one, The Two Marys. (But only the first two parts of The Two Marys are included in this volume. For more information see The Two Marys.)

British publishing information

Periodical:   Good Cheer (Xmas ed. of Good Words)   Christmas 1880

First edition:   Methuen & Co (collected with The Two Marys under that title) 1896

Series and Themes

Inheritance, wills, or legitimacy issues

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