That Little Cutty


Short Fiction

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Collected with 2 other stories      or second source:   1 volume   

The Story

In this light-hearted story the Pillans' only daughter Jeanie, who is not yet seventeen, runs off to be married. That adventure ends well; but the next time she exerts her strong will there are more complications to consider, and her parents are at their wits' end.

Biographical and other notes

The Scottish word "cutty" is similar to the English word "hussy":  both can be insulting, but as applied to a young girl suggests she is impudent or mischievous.

British publishing information

Periodical:   Home magazine   Christmas 1880

First edition:   Macmillan and Co (collected in That Little Cutty with two other stories) 1898

Series and Themes

Tales of Scotland

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