An Odd Couple



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The Story

Mr and Mrs Tremenheere live comfortably in London with their two young children Vera and Eddy. The weak spot in their marriage is their constant quarreling, based on widely different points of view. Mr Tremenheere enjoys all the doings of society, and forms his opinions and actions according to its edicts; whereas Mrs Tremenheere is drawn to more intellectual circles, has "advanced" opinions, and believes she makes all her decisions based on pure logic. This is the somewhat comical story of a ten year quarrel, its effects on the children, and how it ends.

Biographical and other notes

Both the book version and the magazine version are available above. Though the magazine version is only a few pages long, it does contain the entire novel. Each page is roughly 12" by 16", and the typeface is very small.

British publishing information

Periodical:   The Graphic   Christmas 1875

First edition:   Porter and Coates: Philadelphia (only printed as a book in the USA) 1876

Series and Themes

Married life

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