Oliver's Bride, a True Story



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The Story

Oliver Wentworth and Grace Goodheart had been quietly in love when both were young and poor. Now thirty, Oliver is a barrister with at least some income, if not much; and Grace at twenty-five has inherited a fortune! Their time has come at last, though people warn Grace that Oliver has been "wild" in the interval. He even tries to tell her himself of his past, but she won't listen.

Just as all is going well, Oliver receives word that a woman from his past is dying and wants to see him one last time. He feels obliged to go up to London, but doesn't tell Grace or his sister the circumstances. Once there, he acts against his better judgment. And after awhile his letters to Grace cease.

British publishing information

Periodical:   Bolton Weekly Journal and District News & others   18 Apr - 9 May 1885

First edition:   Ward and Downey 1886

Series and Themes

Male central character

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