The Scientific Gentleman


Short Fiction

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In Neighbours on the Green - volume 2      or second source:   1 volume   

The Story

When a scientific gentleman, Mr Reinhardt, comes to live at Dinglefield Green, people are naturally curious about him. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and a member of the British Association; yet he is something of a recluse, though pleasant to meet with while out walking. There is definitely some mystery about him, though the wild rumours in the village that he had killed his wife seem absurd.

One cold night Mrs Mulgrave is returning late from a party when she passes Mr Reinhardt's house and discovers a woman in the grounds, crumpled and moaning. Out of pity Mrs Mulgrave takes action, with unforeseen results.

This story is part of the delightful series Neighbours on the Green, which takes place in the fictional village of Dinglefield Green. (See the link below for more information.)

British publishing information

Periodical:   Cornhill Magazine   Nov-Dec 1872

First edition:   MacMillan and Co (collected in Neighbours on the Green) 1889

Series and Themes

Neighbours on the Green
Married life

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