Old Mr Tredgold, a Story of Two Sisters



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The Story

Katherine Tredgold and her lively younger sister Stella are the daughters of a rich City man, now retired. They live in a large, elaborately furnished country house on the Isle of Wight. Katherine and Stella are accepted by local society, though Katherine at least is aware of the sneers behind their backs due to their father's lower social status.

Stella is everything to their father. Old Mr Tredgold views Katherine as being of no real importance; and in fact both he and Stella often treat her with contempt. But perhaps Stella's madcap behaviour will reach a point that even Mr Tredgold cannot tolerate.

British publishing information

Periodical:   Longman's Magazine   Jun 1895 - May 1896

First edition:   Longmans Green & Co 1896

Series and Themes

Class issues in love, marriage, family
Inheritance, wills, or legitimacy issues
Unmarried women
Women's issues / women's rights

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