Artists and writers

In a few of her early novels Margaret Oliphant created characters who were writers, most notably Agnes in The Athelings, whose experiences as a young author were similar to her own.

She also created several characters who were artists, most notably in The Three Brothers, At His Gates, and Mr Sandford. Mrs Oliphant's husband Frank had been an artist (a painter, and a designer of stained glass); and she enjoyed recreating the ambience of the artist's world.

Ailieford, a Family History   [The Lost Love]
The Quiet Heart
The Athelings, or The Three Gifts
Miss Marjoribanks
The Three Brothers
At His Gates
The Curate in Charge
Mr Sandford 
Short Fiction1888
A Girl of the Period
Short Fiction1892
The Whirl of Youth
Short Fiction1893
A Mysterious Bridegroom
Short Fiction1895

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