Mental disturbances, 'a clouded mind'

Margaret Oliphant painted several compelling portraits of people who were mentally ill or suffering under other mental conditions.

In Cousin Mary a character goes into a catatonic state;  in The Cuckoo in the Nest a young man with mental and physical challenges is bullied and labelled a "softy";  in The Heir Presumptive there is a fascinating example of a post-partum psychosis. Portraits of madness include characters in Janet and in The Lily and the Thorn and its "sequel" Young Musgrave.

Yet another condition represented is that of a "clouded mind" - a dormant mind, never fully developed. Characters having this condition are in Salem Chapel, Innocent, and Valentine and His Brother. Perhaps in today's terminology these sensitive portrayals depict persons on the mild end of the autism spectrum.

(See also a related theme, Depression.)

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