Neighbours on the Green

The 1889 book Neighbours on the Green is a collection of short stories which take place in the village of Dinglefield Green. The fictional narrator, Mrs Mulgrave, is shrewdly observant and discreet - so discreet that her friends on the Green turn to her when they are in trouble. These witty stories include interesting plots and delightful character studies of the gentry on the Green.

In all nine short stories and one novel take place at Dinglefield Green. The list below shows these in the order they were originally published (the short stories having appeared in various periodicals long before they were collected in book form). By some mishap one Dinglefield story was omitted from the book, Norah, the Story of a Wild Irish Girl; and one unrelated story, My Faithful Johnny, was added. The missing story is included below. (My Faithful Johnny can be found under Short Fiction / Other short fiction.)

The fictional Dinglefield Green was modelled closely on the village of Englefield Green where Mrs Oliphant, who lived in nearby Windsor, often visited friends.

My Neighbour Nelly
Short Fiction1868
Lady Denzil
Short Fiction1868
The Stockbroker at Dinglewood
Short Fiction1868
Mrs Merridew's Fortune
Short Fiction1869
Lady Isabella
Short Fiction1871
Norah, the Story of a Wild Irish Girl
Short Fiction1871
The Scientific Gentleman
Short Fiction1872
A Rose in June
The Barley Mow
Short Fiction1877
An Elderly Romance
Short Fiction1879

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