Stories of the Seen and Unseen

From 1876 until 1897 (the year she died) Margaret Oliphant wrote a remarkable series of ghost stories and other supernatural tales known as her Stories of the Seen and Unseen.

If a "ghost story" is defined as a tale of the dead haunting the living, Mrs Oliphant's nine classic ghost stories are The Secret Chamber, A Beleaguered City, Earthbound, The Open Door, The Wizard's Son, The Lady's Walk, Old Lady Mary, The Portrait, and The Library Window.

Stories which take place partly or wholly in the Afterlife (some in heaven, some in lower levels reminiscent of Dante) are Old Lady Mary, Dies Irae, The Land of Suspense, and the five Little Pilgrim stories.

Two quasi-supernatural stories are also included here, A Christmas Tale and New Year's Day.

A Christmas Tale   [Witcherley Ways]
Short Fiction1857
The Secret Chamber
Short Fiction1876
A Beleaguered City
Short Fiction1880
The Open Door
Short Fiction1882
A Little Pilgrim in the Unseen
(Little Pilgrim #1)Short Fiction1882
The Little Pilgrim Goes Up Higher
(Little Pilgrim #2)Short Fiction1882
The Wizard's Son
The Lady's Walk
Old Lady Mary
The Portrait
Short Fiction1885
The Little Pilgrim in the Seen and Unseen
(Little Pilgrim #3)Short Fiction1885
The Land of Darkness
(Little Pilgrim #4)Short Fiction1887
On the Dark Mountains
(Little Pilgrim #5)Short Fiction1888
New Year's Day
Short Fiction1891
A Visitor and His Opinions
Short Fiction1893
Dies Irae, the Story of a Spirit in Prison
The Library Window
Short Fiction1896
The Land of Suspense
Short Fiction1897

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