Website Change Log

December 2017

Added three Related Story Lines to the Series page: "A malevolent ancestor", "Deadly medicine", and "Sins of the fathers".
Added a paragraph to the theme "Stories of the Seen and Unseen", listing Margaret Oliphant's nine classic ghost stories.
Added The Primrose Path to the theme "Children and teenagers".
Added The Wizard's Son to the theme "Coping with disability or dying".

October 2017

Added information for The Secret Chamber regarding legends of a secret chamber at Glamis Castle
Added information for The Strange Story of Mr Robert Dalyell regarding the "central incident"
Added to the "Short Fiction" page a comment by Margaret Oliphant (as quoted by Robert Herbert Story in The Scotsman 1 July 1897, page 5).

September 2017

Expanded the notes for A Visit to Albion with a quotation from Charlotte Riddell
Replaced two missing pages in Neighbours on the Green volume 1
On the "About" page added a link to The Selected Works of Margaret Oliphant. This link provides three detailed brochures (combined into one) for the 25-volume set published 2011-2016.

May 2016

Two of the user guides on the Help page have been updated:
     How to download and read Oliphant ebooks  and  Tips for buying a tablet

January - April 2016

In the past all links to fiction works were external. But now the website itself contains a copy of each fiction work. The webpage for each fiction work does not look noticeably different; however many more editions have been added to the site.

On the page for a given work there are two sets of links. The left-hand link(s) download a copy of the work from the Oliphant website. In most cases this copy has been whitened, trimmed, and had any missing pages restored. Also with very few exceptions this copy is a first edition or virtually identical to the first edition in terms of printer layout. (For example a so-called "5th edition" is usually the 5th printing of the first edition. "New edition" would be truly a new edition.) The right-hand link(s) go to an external website, usually Google Books or Internet Archive. When possible these link to a different edition or different copy of the work.

July 2015

Added information for Kirsteen regarding a real dressmaker who may have inspired this story
Added information for The Member's Wife regarding a real family who may have inspired this story
Corrected periodical publication date for The Whirl of Youth

December 2014

Three short user guides added to the Help page:
     How to download,  Tips for buying a tablet,  and  Tablet hand gestures
Replacement links for all references to the Autobiography and Letters

October 2014

Link added to the comments on My Faithful Johnny (regarding Blanche Warre-Cornish)
Additional links for The Cuckoo in the Nest
Additional link for Sir Robert's Fortune
     (In August and October 2014, new links were added for those works which had not been available to people outside the USA. In some cases the links were replaced;  in other cases there are now two sets of links. This action was necessary because some of the later-dated ebooks on the Google Books website are restricted outside the USA, apparently due to international copyright issues.)

August 2014

* The longer version of The Lady's Walk now available
Replacement link for Lady Car
Additional link for Christian Melville
Additional link for That Little Cutty
Additional link for Dr Barrère
Additional link for Isabel Dysart
Additional link for The Open Door
Additional link for Old Lady Mary
Additional link for The Portrait
Additional link for The Library Window
Additional link for An Anxious Moment
Additional link for A House Divided Against Itself
Additional link for Mr Sandford
Additional link for The Strange Story of Mr Robert Dalyell
Additional link for The Heir Presumptive and the Heir Apparent
Additional link for Old Mr Tredgold
Additional link for Diana Trelawny, the History of a Great Mistake
Additional links for Lady Jane  [The Duke's Daughter]
Additional links for all 5 stories in the Little Pilgrim series
Additional links for all 9 stories in A Widow's Tale
* Fully illustrated edition of Cousin Mary
* First edition of Two Strangers
* Book version of An Odd Couple
Additional links for Sir Tom
Additional links for A House Divided Against Itself
Additional links for The Son of His Father
Additional link for Joyce
Additional link for The Railway Man and His Children
Additional links for The Sorceress
Additional link for Who Was Lost and Is Found
* First biography of Margaret Oliphant, The Equivocal Virtue, on the About page (above)

July 2014

Newly discovered story - New Year's Day
New category within Short Fiction - Newly Discovered Stories

June 2014

Newly discovered story - From London to Edinburgh
New information and picture - The Lady's Walk  (regarding Ederline House)

April 2014

Website debuts.

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